Best Tips For Creative Wedding Photos Ideas


The wedding day is probably one of the most important days in a couples’ life and it is a bride’s dream since childhood. It is the beginning of a new journey where two people are joined as one. The memories of that day will lastforever and nothing can preserve memories better than pictures. Every couple would want those memories to be captured in a unique way that separates them from the rest. Here are some tips on how to achieve creative wedding photos.


This is always the first step. Pictures are memories that will live long, think about how you want your wedding day to be remembered by your family and friends. Imagine how those wedding pictures would look like when you show them to your future grandchildren. Envision yourself in your perfect wedding gown, with that perfect background, in those perfect shots.


Planning is everything. As they say, failing to plan is planning to fail. Plan out everything as a couple. Talk about all the things you want, from the smallest details to the most important ones like the theme, color, venue, background, props, etc. You wouldn’t want to end up breaking up a week before your wedding day just because you don’t agree on a lot of things and it is stressing you out. Try to meet half way, mix and match your ideas and let your creative side show on your pictures.


It never hurts to be prepared but this time, do not just focus on what’s conventional. Explore and check out unique wedding pictures. Get some ideas and learn from the people who had been there. Ask for suggestions and tips from family members and friends. You can also browse wedding magazines and get some ideas from the web. You’ll see tons of creative wedding pictures online.


If each individual is unique, more so each couple is different from the rest. Although most wedding ceremonies and reception programs are similar, your theme will give you a chance to be more creative and showcase your own distinction. If you are both into rock music, you might want to change clothes and dress like rock stars during the reception, perhaps you can include a guitar or rock posters in the center stage. If you both like traveling together, have a very big map as your background or pictures of landmarks of the places you’ve visited together.


This is the perfect way for you to be creative. This can also serve a lot of purpose. While most things during the wedding day happen so fast and everyone is so busy, here you can take your time. You can experiment with the lighting, choose different backgrounds, get shots from different perspectives and angles, use props, and the most important thing is you can make mistakes. You can take and retake pictures as many times as you want. You can choose to revisit places you used to go to together like the restaurant where you first met, the theater where you watched your first movie, or the beach where you spent your first sunset together.

If you think you can’t pull this off, you can always ask some suggestions from the professionals. Contact a wedding photographer in Houston and share your ideas with them

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